Flowering vine plant


If you're struggling with one or more consistent health problems, your body's own healing mechanisms are most likely not functioning at an optimal level and need a little help. For over a decade I've provided the needed help with acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. I've been privileged to see many cases of healing in clients who have exhaustively and unsuccessfully tried resolve their health concerns with conventional medicine.

I am also one of the only certified NAET practitioners in downstate Illinois. I've used NAET to eliminate allergies of all sorts (including food and environmental allergies) in many of my clients. If you suffer from food or seasonal allergies, I can help you to experience life without them.

Please review the conditions treated to see if my services may be appropriate for you. If you would like to discuss your condition, please contact me to arrange consultation.

I look forward to helping you achieve health and wellness.

-Katie Davidson, NCCAOM Certified Dipl. Ac.